Month: November 2015

Show news!

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Well It was a good show at the Tucson Poultry Pigeon and fancy fowl show. I showed a total of 5 sumatras. I won BV with my Blue sumatra pullet and RV with my Blue hen. Only one placed 3ed, all the rest placed 1st. James Smith won Champion AOSB with his lovely black sumatra hen. I was expecting that, his were in perfect feather, mine not really. I guess I should be proud of myself. I talked to the judge afterwards and he really liked them. Hamburgs did well too 1st place BB and RB and one placed 2ed.P.s look in the poultry press you will see an add from us!!


First show

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The first show we are going to this year is the Tucson Poultry Pigeon and fancy Fowl Show. The 28th-29th

New changes!!

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Ok so new changes!!! If you want to get some stellar birds from me you need to read this. I am going to start three lists on Facebook. One for the hamburgs, one for the sumatras and one for the leghorns, so that I can be more organized and not forget anyone. If I put your name down that means I know you were first in asking me. Remember I don’t breed very many birds, so I will PM the person who is next in line when the birds are ready to me sold. Thanks!