Month: June 2016

New Hamburgs

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Thanks to Linada Linch for selling me three of her stellar birds. This is Daisy by the way. She came with her sister Sally and a nice male I named Dill. Sally and Dill are out of feather so pictures of all three will have to wait. Daisy placed Champion RCCL at the Apche County Poultry show. I saw Linda’s post on facebook saying she was getting rid of all her birds. I had seen Daisy at the show, when I first saw her said to myself gosh she is the nicest silver spangled hamburg I had ever seen. To me she was like a needle in a hey stack. So I aksed Linda if she was selling Daisy, and if so I would buy her in a hart beat. Linda said yes and offered me her sister sally and dill. I thought sure why not I could use their genetics. I feel very lucky to have been in the right place at the right time.   DSC07047.JPG Daisy absorbing New Mexico.