Month: September 2016

My Birds at the fair

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It was a long week 4 days at the fair. Poor birds where tied and ready to go home.

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Grant Conty Fair open show results

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Results of the Grant County Fair open show:
Champion Large fowl with my Black Sumatra Hen Echo
Champion Bantam and Champion of show with my Silver Spangled Hamburg Bantam pullet Elizabeth. My Hamburg pullet had the best condition out of all the birds I showed, Echo was still growing in her tail and missing 4 wing feathers on each side. Frank really liked her and said she was going to be hard to beat once I get her in proper feather. Congrats to All the other winners. My other birds won 3ed, and 2ed place. Showmanship went well asked the kids harder questions this year than last. congrats to Morgan for winning champion showmanship.

Sneak peak at one of the 2016 pullets

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Vanessa is a 3 or 4 month old blue pullet. She has a lot of filling to do Still.. But I think she will be a good bird when she’s a adult. She is out of Skippy and Cassidy.  For her age she’s got a long back. Big plus! image

list of Poultry Shows 2016-2017

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The first  on my  list is the  Grant County fair in Silver City, NM . September  22ed -24th. Going to Judging showmanship and maybe show a couple of birds. Next on my list is the Apachy County Poultry  show in St. John’s AZ.  They plan on haveing a double show this year on October 28th-29th. Next is the Tuscon Poultry Peigeon and Fancy Fowl Show in Tuscon AZ November 18th-20th. And last but not least the Safford show in Safford AZ. Most likely will  be in Janurary sometime. I hope to go to more shows in late winter. Hopefully some in CA. We shall see.

Silver Spangled Hamburg Bantam pullets

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I have Dorthy and Elizabeth in the Conditioning pens. Super exited to start showing them this year. They are 4 month old pullets. I have some nice Sumatras coming up too.