Month: October 2016

Poultry show list

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Apache County Doubble Poultry Show Oct 28th- 29th

Tuson Poultry Pigion and Fancy Poultry Show Novemer 19th- 20th

Safford AZ Show Januray- dates not set yet.

That’s on the list for now.


Echo is a keeper From last year

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Echo is one of the nicest birds we have bred out.  She’s got a lot going for her. Her tail is almost done growing in. The two things I would fix on her is to have a longer tail and legs. Lamar is her Sire and Amanda is her Dam.  I will get another photo of her once she’s got everything in. image

Before and after.

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The blue with no laceing was what I started with. She’s the great, great, great, great, great, great grandmother of most of my offspring. The blue with the correct color is where I am today.  I think I have come a long way in improving my blues. But still have a long way to go before I call it good. She needs to have less black  Blotches In her feathers.  Back and legs need to be longer.