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The very fact I breed less birds, means I have to work twice as hard. Why? Because breeders who breed more birds than me have an advantage. You see when you breed more offspring you have more to choose from. Do I mind? No not at all. Why? Well I try to breed quality over quantity. If I know a birds a great breeder he/she is here to stay. Last year I only hatched 9 chicks, and I still got something worth showing. My advantage is, it’s more affordable to keep them for two years. So that means I get a chance to really see how they turn out as adults. Many breeders I know tell me they breed to many to keep, so what ends up happening is they get rid of them at to early of an age, unknowingly getting rid of something truly worth keeping in the breeding pens. Sumatras are one breed that needs time to mature. It may look like a scrappy bird at first, but once the second year hits the bird completely changes into something worth while.


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