Awards from Poultry Shows


Junior shows

Tucson poultry Pigeon and fancy fowl show:

Overall champion-2010- blue sumatra hen, “Amelia”

Champion Large-2010- blue sumatra hen,  “Amelia”

Champion Large- 2012- blue sumatra pullet, “Winter”

Reserve Champion Large- 2010-blue sumatra hen, “Rosa”

New Mexico State fair:

Best Large- 2010- Blue hen,  “Amalia”

Champion AOSB-2010-blue sumatra hen, “Amalia”

Four corners poultry show:

Champion AOSB-2011-black sumatra hen, “Cheryl”

Reserve Champion  AOSB-2011-Blue sumatra hen, “Amelia”

Open Shows

   Grant County Fair:

Overall Champion-2016-Silver Spangled Hamburg Bantam Pullet, “Elizabeth”

Overall champion-2017-Blue Sumatra Hen LF, “Quinn”

Champion Bantam-2016-Silver Spangled Hamburg Bantam Pullet, “Elizabeth”

 Reserve Champion Bantam-2017- Silver Spangled Hamburg Bantam, “Dawn”

champion RCCL-2017- Silver Spangled Hamburg Bantam Hen, “Dawn”

Champion RCCL-2016-Silver Spangled Hamburg Bantam, “Elizabeth”

Champion Large Fowl-2016- Black Sumatra Hen, “Echo”

Champion AOSB-2016- Black Sumatra Hen “Echo”

The Apache County Poultry Show:

Reserve Champion LF, Champion Of The American Sumatra Association State Meet, and Champion AOSB- 2016- Black Sumatra Hen, “Amanda”

Reserve Champion AOSB- 2016- Black Sumatra hen, “Echo”

Champion AOSB -2017- Blue Ameraucana Pullet, “Sweet Grr”

Res. Champion RCCL- 2017-Silver Spangled Hamburg Bantam hen- “Dawn”

Four Corners Poultry Show:

 Res. Champion LF – 2017- Blue Sumatra Pullet- “Ashley”

Champion AOSB- 2017-Blue Sumatra Pullet- “Ashley”

Res. Champion RCCL -2017- Silver Spangled Hamburg Bantam Hen- “Dawn”

Reserve champion AOSB- 2016-Black Sumatra Pullet, ” Bonnie”

The Tucson Poultry Pigeon and fancy fowl show:

Champion AOSB- 2016-Black Sumatra hen, “Echo”

Champion  AOSB -2013-Black sumatra hen, “Amanda”

Res. Champion AOSB- 2018- Black Sumatra Hen- “Amanda”

Reserve Champion RCCL- 2016- Silver Spangled Hamburg Pullet, Elizabeth

Reserve Champion AOSB- 2012-Blue sumatra Cock, “Lamar”

The Safford show:

Champion AOSB-2012- Black sumatra cockerel, “Charles”

Champion AOSB- 2017-Black Sumatra Pullet, “Angela”

Reserve Champion AOSB -2015- Black hen, “Dana”

Reserve Champion AOSB-2017-Blue Hen, “Qiunn”

Hollister CA poultry show:

Champion AOSB-2013- blue cockerel, “Jay”

Champion Row Virtual Poultry Show

 Champion AOSB- 2015- Black sumatra hen, “Amanda”

Fancy Fowl Virtual show

Champion AOSB-2016- Blue Sumatra Cock, “Skippy”

Top-notch Virtual poultry show

Champion AOBS – 2016-Black Sumatra hen, “Amanda”

A member of the….



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