2016 blue sumatra cockerel.

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Blue is a 8 month old blue cockerel that is shaping up nicely. He may be a keeper.image


Results of the Tuscon poultry Pigeon and Fancy Fowl Show

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Very Pleased with the results at the Tuscon Poultry Pigeon and Fancy Fowl Show.


Got BV, BB, and Champion AOSB with my Black Sumatra hen named Echo

1st BV, RB went to my Blue Sumatra cockerel named Blue.

1st BV went to my Splash Sumatra cockerel named Calypso

1st RV went to my Black Sumatra cockerel named Houdini

1st RV went to my Splash Sumatra hen named Sterling

1st RV went to my blue Sumatra pullet named Wendy

1st went to my Black Sumatra cockerel named Brandon

LF Single Combed White Leghorn:

2ed went to my LF Single Combed White Leghorn Pullet named Snow White

Silver Spangled Hamburg Bantams :

BV, BB and Reserve Champion RCCL went to my Silver Spangled Hamburg Pullet named Elizabeth

2ed RV, RB went to my Silver Spangled Hamburg hen named Daisy

1st went to my Silver Spangled Hamburg Hen named Dawn

3ed went to my Silver Spangled Hamburg Pullet named Dorthy

Congrats to all the winners, I will have photos up soon.




some of the 2016 pullets and cockerels

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7 month old Sumatras. imageimageimageimage

Apache County Poultry Show Results

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The results of the Apache County Poultry show. I placed Reserve Campion AOSB in the first show with a black Sumatra Pullet, in the second show I placed Reverse Champion AOSB with a black sumatra hen. My other birds did good. Congrats to all the winners you guys totally nailed it!

Poultry show list

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Apache County Doubble Poultry Show Oct 28th- 29th

Tuson Poultry Pigion and Fancy Poultry Show Novemer 19th- 20th

Safford AZ Show Januray- dates not set yet.

That’s on the list for now.

Echo is a keeper From last year

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Echo is one of the nicest birds we have bred out.  She’s got a lot going for her. Her tail is almost done growing in. The two things I would fix on her is to have a longer tail and legs. Lamar is her Sire and Amanda is her Dam.  I will get another photo of her once she’s got everything in. image

Before and after.

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The blue with no laceing was what I started with. She’s the great, great, great, great, great, great grandmother of most of my offspring. The blue with the correct color is where I am today.  I think I have come a long way in improving my blues. But still have a long way to go before I call it good. She needs to have less black  Blotches In her feathers.  Back and legs need to be longer.